Toshiba New Zealand for commercial air conditioning

Maintaining temperature control with powerful, energy efficient, purpose-designed air conditioners, HVAC systems and heat pumps. Technologically advanced for any commercial application or project – factories, warehouses, large and/or multi-storied office buildings, and shopping malls.

Large-scale commercial air conditioning solutions

  • High performance, innovative air con technology for temperature control.
  • Heat pump efficiency to cut energy and operating costs and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Large range of options and design layouts for compliance with building and safety legislations.
  • Built with solid and durable materials to withstand all commercial air conditioning applications – exposure to elements such as sun, wind, rain; extremes in temperatures, moisture, chemicals, fumes etc.
  • Compact, flexible ac units designed to fit in all size areas and to save floor space.

Optimising maintenance to ensure performance

To protect and extend the value of your commercial investment, Toshiba commercial air conditioning is backed by a knowledgeable team of air conditioning installation technicians for all servicing and maintenance of the Toshiba systems. A joint venture with AHI Carrier ensures you have access to a network of fast, reliable and experienced heat pump service team, trained specifically on the Toshiba commercial range. Our advanced diagnostic software can service and identify opportunities for improvements and cost savings.

No downtime waiting for spare parts

Downtime while you wait for your heat pump service is not an option with Toshiba – our partner, Totaline have an extensive distribution of spare parts and accessories across the North and South Island of New Zealand. So, no matter where your business is located, you are connected to a stable supply for all heat pump servicing.