Mini SMMSe

Key Features

  • Single phase and three phase power supply
  • Compact and lightweight outdoor unit
  • High-efficiency DC twin rotary compressor
  • Best COP in the industry: 4.89
  • Capacity range 12.5-18.0kW heating and 12.1-15.5kW cooling
  • Up to 8 indoor units can be connected to the 4 and 5 HP outdoor unit and up to 9 indoor units can be connected to the 6HP outdoor unit
  • Ultra-quiet, utilising remote PMV kit (optional)
  • All systems achieve energy efficiency class A


The MiNi-SMMSe system has been developed to achieve the best performance in a wide variety of commercial applications including shops, offices and large apartments, where unobtrusive appearance and quiet operation are important. Great flexibility and control power are combined in a VRF system which is small and compact enough to fit on a balcony.

The extraordinary flexibility of this Toshiba system is guaranteed by the breadth of the range of SMMS indoor units - up to 13 models with a combination of 81 units. To offer flexibility and maximum air distribution which enables the MiNi-SMMSe system to be easily installed for maximum performance.