Wifi Controller

Key Features

  • Know the current room temperature of your home/office.
  • Check if the unit is still on once out of the building and turn it off
  • Program the AC with a calendar scheduler in an easy and intuitive way
  • Available in several languages. (Also ºC and ºF)
  • Save money without losing comfort
  • Automatic firmware Update.


Control your Toshiba Heat Pump from anywhere via iPhone, Android and the Web with IntesisHome®.

What is IntesisHome®?

It is the most advanced solution to remotely manage a Heat Pump/Air Conditioning system from your mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Tablets, Laptops and PC.

How does it work?

The Heat Pumps are controlled from a webpage or using an iOS or Android APP in a very intuitive way.
Two options are available which cover the entire Toshiba Heat Pump range.

Technical Specifications

IS-IR-WIFI-1 for Residential Range (RAS-Hi Walls, Floor Console and Multi Split Systems)

  • Control and monitor Heat Pump: On/Off, Mode, Set Temp., Room Temp., Fan Speed, Vane Position
  • AC Power supply required
  • Easy to install: On the wall or over the desktop
  • Attractive design
  • On/Off and Mode led indication

TO-RC-WIFI-1 for Light Commercial Range (KRT Hiwalls, Ducted, Cassette, Under Ceiling, Mini SMMSe)

  • Control and Monitoring: On/Off, Mode, Set Temp., Room Temp., Fan Speed, Vane Position
  • External power supply not required
  • The device could be hidden inside the AC unit
  • Up to 10 scenes / timers fully configurable.
  • Annual calendar / scheduler fully configurable.
  • Ability to add areas / facilities to your account.
  • Compatible with entire Toshiba Light Commercial range
  • You can easily configure your IntesisHome account to send an e-mail and inform who you decide if something goes wrong with your air conditioner or your IntesisHome Device.
  • For further details of how to configure and use this new feature download from http://intesishome.com/docs/IntesisHome_E-mail_Notifications.pdf
  • Automatic firmware update.