Smart Manager


BMS-SM1280ETLE - for DI, SDI and VRF equipment

This controller is ideal where advanced control, energy monitoring, advanced scheduling or access to individual air conditioners is required from networked computer systems.

  • List view available – displays all units in one screen
  • Set view available – shows basic indoor units settings on main screen
  • Advanced operation & master schedule functions available
  • Up to 4 concurrent user can be connected (via Ethernet)
  • Up to 32 user accounts can be programmed with different of access (a minimum of 1 must be administrator level)
  • Can be connected to a single PC or LAN to allow advanced control (functions from a multi-language web browser display screen)
  • Energy monitoring and report functions available*
  • Advanced operation & master schedules can be set on a calendar
  • Additional digital I/O device available