CTP Under Ceiling

Key Features

  • Elegant Design - New smooth curved front with wide flap and air outlet
  • Fan - Increases the air volume by 38% but at the same time reduces the noise level by 9% over previous model
  • Low noise level - it operates at only 28 dB(A) (in 2 HP) – half of conventional units, thanks to the new design.
  • Optimum louvre control - air flow angle is automatically set to the most suitable setting according to your cooling or heating needs, and an automatic swing mode enables air flow to reach all areas of the room.
  • Installation efficiency - with the fully redesigned ceiling-mounted system, the unit can be suspended simply by adjusting two screws on the intake grille (compared to a dozen screws for conventional models).
  • Fresh Air - with an internal knockout connection to introduce fresh air into the unit, the ceiling unit keeps the space fresh and clean at all times.


The series 7 CTP under ceiling meet a wide range of needs, being the ideal solution for offices, classrooms and restaurants. It creates a pleasant and relaxing environment, diffusing rapidly and uniformly the required temperature in both heating and cooling mode. The automatic louvre control and low noise level are the key characteristics of this state-of-the-art unit. In addition the unit has a Self-Cleaning function. The unit comes with a 7 day standard programmable controller and an optional drain pump.