Choosing a heat pump unit for heating and cooling your home, doesn’t have to be confusing. There are many models and options available to suit all families.

How to choose a heat pump that’s right for you -

What is the general use of the room or area?

Is it a living room, a house or an office that you want climate control for?

What is the size of the room or area including the height of the ceilings?

Also take note of the floor coverings and the number of windows, they will all have an effect on climate control and heat pump efficiency.

Are there any installation limitations?

Are there any shared walls? If you live in an apartment, shared walls will need to be considered and a place such as a balcony to install the outdoor air con unit.

Two types of residential heat pumps

Single split ac systems

A single split ac system consists of a wall-mounted inverter unit that blows warm or cool air into one room. An outdoor unit dissipates the air from the room using the exclusive Toshiba DC inverter technology. This technology uses less energy whilst giving more precise climate control. By splitting the system, the wall mounted ac unit is sleek, stylish and quiet. The main operating unit located outside handles all the work.

Multi split ac systems

The multi split ac system, also known as central heating systems, works much the same as the single split ac system however, there can be from two to five hi-walls, floor consoles, cassettes or ducted units to heat and cool several rooms at the same time, from the one outdoor unit. With an easy to use timer and variable temperature control, to suit everyone.